Frico IH/IHC spindulinis šildytuvas IHC18

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    Kodas: Frico 19604
    27588 su PVM
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    IH/IHC spindulinis šildytuvas
    Galia, kW
    Maitinimas, V/Hz
    Frico, Švedija
  • 230V, spindulinis šildytuvas šildo atstumu 1,8-3,5 m. Gali būti montuojamas lauke. IHW skirtas didesnio ploto šildymui. IHF labiau skirtas tiesioginiam šildymui.

    Suitable for exposed outdoor environments with design demands.

    The infrared heater IH is powerful with a high filament temperature of 2200 °C and is the perfect choice for exposed outdoor environments where design is important.
    IH is available in two different designs. IHW gives a comfortable heat in the occupied zone from close range and also wider heat distribution. IHF has more direct heat distribution and is designed to be installed higher up.

    IH is easy to position thanks to its compact design. The discreet and appealing look makes it suitable for outdoor environments with design demands.