Heiko mobilus oro kondicionierius AM12HEIA4

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    Kodas: Heiko AM12HEIA4
    41382 su PVM
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    Mobilus oro kondicionierius
    Galia šaldyme/šildyme, kW
    3,4 / 2,7
    Oro srautas, m³/h
    390 / 360 / 330
    Triukšmo lygis, dB(A)
    64 / 63.5 / 63
    Svoris, kg
    Matmenys, mm
    2 metai
    Heiko, Lenkija
  • Compact devices with sophisticated design and 4 operating modes: cooling, heating, drying and air supply. The air conditioners are equipped with wheels and carrying handles to facilitate their handling. They are controlled with a state-of-the-art panel or a wireless remote control.


    Full control

    Filter cleaning notification (icon on the display) upon 250 operating hours.

    4 operating modes

    Extensive application of the unit for cooling, air supply, drying or heating.

    Swing function

    Shutter swinging for air distribution as needed.


    The air conditioner has the function to set up operating time. The unit will start or end operation within the set time.

    2 Year Warranty

    Heiko mobile air conditioners have a 2 year warranty.